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Step 1. Gather All Documentation Needed         

The following documentation is needed in order to complete an application :
  1. Current Psychiatric Evaluation and/or Assessment

  2. Person Centered  Plan from current program

  3. Complete Residential Application  

  4. List of Current Medications

Step 2. Submit Referral and Documentation

The Clinical Team will review the information within 24 hours. An admissions Coordinator will contact you to discuss the referral and to make arrangements for  submitting a Service Authorization Request.

  1. Birth Certificate and Social Security Card

  2. Immunization Record

  3. Court order of guardianship (if dependent)

  4. Updated PCP reflecting Residential level III Service with a physician order (Physician Signature)

  5. Comprehensive Clinical Assessment with a recommendation for  Residential level III Service

  6. Discharge Plan

  7. Calocus 

  8. School information, including IEP/504 ( Please include Name Address & Phone Number of  current school or last school attended with last date of attendance

Supporting Documentation (needed if accepted):

Step 3. Admission

 *Please Note A Hard Copy Order For All Current Medications Is Required At Admission*
  1. Once Prior Authorization has been approved The legal guardian will need to sign admission paperwork prior to or at the time of admission. At the time of admission the individual will need to bring  a Prescription for a 30 day supply for all medications to be filled at the local pharmacy and two weeks of weather appropriate clothing. 

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